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About Taj Voyages Tour

We Provide Affordable, Fastest Booking, and Best Travel Services.

Taj Voyages Tour is a Travel and Destination Management Company with tour planning specialist and dedicated teams for every travel plan in India. Our company key focus is on customer satisfaction and travel safety which is taken care by our skilled and professional tour manager, guides and driver.Taj Voyages Tour has been around since the early 2015 and has made tour plans for over 50000 travelers who came to India and the number is still growing. We ensure that every tour for our guest should be a memorable experience for them, their happy faces would be our treat. We take care of every minor details and keep a good look feedbacks as it guides us to make further changes in our futures tours. Our team is always there for our customers 24/7 ,we train our drivers and guide as such so they can be always alert and ready for our customers question and needs.

Taj Voyages Tour has won two consecutive awards on TripAdvisor for travelers choice in 2018 and 2019 for the train tour to Agra by gatiman express and has won 8 TripAdvisor experience awards since 2014 till 2020. The determined guides with knowledge about each cities to skilled driver with safety features and WIFI in cars makes the journey for each travelers comfortable and enjoyable. Here at Taj Voyages Tour we innovative and introduce new ideas and also give opportunities for traveler’s to make the tour of their choice. We encourage our team to not only cover the ancient and archeological sites of the cities but also to cover the hidden secrets and cultures of each cities which our travelers would not have been aware of.

Each city in India has something to offer and we at Taj Voyages Tour are there to show it to our guests. Since 2017 we are exploring the unknown regions of India and have partnered with some local tour planner and have open new areas to explore in the north of India and also to the south. With our expertise and knowledge we have passed our ways to new partners and would soon start our tours there. We believe that a tour is getaway for our guest from there busy life’s and it should be given a memory as such they can remember our tour as much as they remember the city or monument they visit. We welcome our guest to come explore India and its wonders with us and experience the cultural ,the colors and the religious diversity of this beautiful country.

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We Are Supporting All Kind Of Activities With Our Tour Guides.

Taj Voyages Tour is a proven name in the current tourism industry. Being quite young, we are approachable to new ideas, flexible and flexible to the needs of our customers. Start your voyage with the best occurrence of India and its hidden resources. Let us take you on a tour of the world's richest culture and the richest heritage of making beautiful memories with beautiful memories.

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